Scrubs Sarah Chalke Slimming Diet and Workout

After 9 seasons, ABC’s hit show Scrubs says its final farewell tonight. Because we know letting go is hard, we are providing you with one last look at fan favorite Elliot Reid. Elliot, played by actress Sarah Chalke, is known for her slim, sexy body, which she often flaunts in skimpy lingerie on the show. Although Sarah is a natural beauty, feeling confident strutting your stuff on national television requires an impressive diet and workout routine!

Sarah’s Diet:

Sarah has always been a healthy eater. In fact, she was a vegetarian from ages 12 to 17. At 17 she started eating fish again, and then slowly reintroduced chicken and red meat. Sarah says, “I was raised to eat good-for-you foods, but we often had pie or ice cream for dessert. So that’s how I eat now — I love really, really healthy stuff followed by a really, really naughty dessert, like pumpkin pie.” Her favorite indulgence is dark chocolate, and she always has some in her drawer. Sarah says, “I sometimes make hot-chocolate soup, which is basically a thick bar of chocolate melted and topped with whipped cream.” Staples in Sarah’s diet include eggs, apples, peanut butter, fresh berries, and tea. Despite the Hollywood pressure to stay slim, which Sarah acknowledges, she believes it is important to “find a happy medium and put your health first.” Sarah doesn’t even own a scale! [click to continue…]

Post image for Neil Patrick Harris’ Cirque du Soleil Workout

With the sixth season of CBS’ hit show How I Met Your Mother underway, it is about time we brought you the workout of the one-and-only Barney Stinson. Okay, so Barney’s actual workout routine is a bit of a mystery – but he certainly does not lack confidence with the ladies. For now we will settle for the workout and diet tricks of Neil Patrick Harris, the actor who plays Barney Stinson on the show. Good thing Neil is even more funny and charming than his television character!

When asked about fitting a workout into his busy schedule, Neil Patrick Harris joked, “I take circus classes now and again so I feel like I have some practical strength.” According to That’s Fit, Neil exercises at Cirque School in Los Angeles. Cirque School is a studio founded by former Cirque du Soleil performer Aloysia Gavre. Classes such as suspension training, handstands and partnering, aerial trapeze tricks, and juggling are taught daily. Don’t be afraid if you lack the flexibility or strength of an acrobat, Cirque School claims its classes are “for anybody with any body.”

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celebrity Julia Roberts and her Water Workout

Last weekend millions of romantics celebrated Valentine’s Day by hitting the theatres to catch the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day. The stellar cast, comprising A-list hotties including Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Eric Dane, Patrick Dempsey, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Lautner, Julia Roberts, and Taylor Swift, was the main reason many ladies and gentlemen caught the film.

Julia Roberts has been America’s sweetheart for generations, and despite giving birth to three kids, still has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood. Julia’s personal trainer Kathy Kaehler says, “I try to keep it very creative so she doesn’t get bored.” Julia enjoys working out in the pool at her Malibu home to spend more time with her kids. In the pool, Julia does a mix of running, cross-country ski movements and arm strengthening exercises. The water adds resistance creating an overall body toning experience. Julia’s trainer says, Julia “needs to look good on-screen, but she also needs the strength and energy to run around after her kids offscreen.” “Swimming and water exercises are great ways to build up endurance and stay fit.”

If you are interested in a quick water workout like Julia’s, try this routine designed by her trainer Kathy. First, swim a few easy laps to warm up (about 5 to 10 minutes). Then, put on a flotation belt and head to the deep end. Run at an easy pace for 60 seconds, a moderate pace for 90 seconds, a fast pace for 60 seconds, and repeat 5 times. Keep going if you want a bigger burn.

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Brees 232x300 Super Bowl Workout with Drew Brees workout routines workout products exercises celebrity workouts celebrity diets athlete workouts “Drew Brees is Superman,” said Chase Daniel, a backup quarterback for the Saints. “It’s that simple.”

This Sunday “Superman” will try to bring the Super Bowl trophy to city of New Orleans as Brees leads the Saints into Miami to take on NFL MVP Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.  Brees, whose shoulder was ripped apart in the last game of the 2005 season, will put an entire fan base on his back as he attempts to restore a sense of pride to New Orleans, whose city was also ripped apart by Hurricane Katrina.

The injury Brees suffered was so severe doctors told him he would never be able to throw again.  Four seasons later the quaterback is a superstar and holds franchise records in nearly every passing category, including NFL records for most completions in a season and highest completion percentage in a season.   Drew’s dedication and determination in the weight room have him at the top of the NFL as he leads the Saints in their first ever Super Bowl appearance.

But just what is it that enabled Brees to overcome the injury and take on the super hero status as the leader of the Saints?  Drew’s trainer Todd Durkin describes Brees as the most focused, competitive, borderline-obsessive athlete he has ever met.  “He’s a beast in the weight room, man. Drew has legendary work ethic,” says Durkin.  “There are a lot of professional athletes that aren’t as consistent with their overall conditioning program as Drew is.”

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MLB and First Lady Team Up to Battle Childhood Obesity

Michelle Obama announced the Let’s Move campaign to fight childhood obesity and leagues such as MLB are implementing initiatives as well.

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House Star Lisa Edelstein’s Ashtanga Yoga Practice

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Lisa Edelstein, star of House, discovered yoga and cured a recurring neck injury. Now her daily practice adds balance to her busy life.

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Ray Stevenson Prepares for Upcoming Roles

Ray Stevenson, known for his roles as Titus Pollo in the HBO Series Rome and as Frank Castle in Punisher: War Zone has three new movies releasing in 2010, including The Book of Eli, which premiered this weekend.  In a recent interview with Men’s Fitness we learned that “Stevenson gets in shape for each role [...]

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Tracy Anderson’s Weight-Loss Kick-Start

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Tracy Anderson recently published a book about her workout and diet intended to make her other fitness products more accessible.

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