Bradley Cooper's Ab Workout

Part 2 of our Building All-Star Celebrity Abs Series takes a look at Bradley Cooper and his workout for getting ripped abs.

Bradley Cooper, actor

Secret: Cross-training

How to do it…

Cooper’s trainer puts him through a workout combining cardio, strength training, and core exercises.  Here’s an example that will get you in and out of the gym in under an hour:

  1. Bike – 10 minutes
  2. Weight Circuit – Bench Press, Squat, Pullups – Do 8-10 reps of each exercise and keep rotating through for 10 minutes.
  3. Treadmill sprints – Sprint for 30 seconds then jog slowly for 60 seconds – 10 minutes
  4. Weight Circuit 2 – Dumbbell Step Ups, Dips, Romanian Dead Lifts – Do 8-10 reps of each exercise and keep rotating through for 10 minutes.
  5. Elliptical - 10 minutes
  6. Core - 10 minutes (V-ups and planks are some of Cooper’s favorites)

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carrieunderwood1 Carrie Underwoods Top Ten Fitness Tips fitness tips celebrity fitness celebrity diets
It’s no secret that Carrie Underwood is one of Hollywood’s hottest and most fit stars and it seems that every time we see her she looks even better than before.  With the return of American Idol on FOX this month, lets take a look at some of the former Idol champ’s best fitness tips.

1) Pushups for Abs – “Pushups work out everything.  If you do them right, you’ll feel it in your abs.  I do four sets of 10 to 20.”

2) Accessible Workouts – “I have Exercise TV on cable.  Jillian Michael’s videos will kick your butt.  She’s my trainer, and she doesn’t even know it!”

3) Eat for Energy, Not for Fun – “If I eat too much before a show, I just want to sit down.  Too little, and I’m starving.  So I eat something small, like Quorn, a tasty meat-free protein, and green beans.”

4) Enjoy your success – “Once you’re enjoying things about your body, you realize how much you want to keep them that way or make them better.”

5) Have an event to motivate you – “Everybody has things they want to look nice for: anniversary, birthday, reunion.  I’ll think to myself, oh, that award show is coming up.  Or, I have a photo shoot in four days!  It’s nice to set goals.”

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Post image for MF’s 25 Fittest Celebrity Guys in the World

Men’s Fitness magazine released their annual “Fittest Celebrity Guys in the World” list.  Here are the Top 25 according to MF…in no particular order.  We’ve included some of our favorite workout tips from the guys.

Mark Ingram – Heisman Trophy Winner
“When I’m doing my reps, I try and get in extra,” he says. “I think about what the other man’s doing. I’m not going to let him outwork me.”

Alexander Ovechkin – Washington Capitals
Ovechkin trains six days a week back in Russia, combining weights with four-kilometer runs at varied paces. ‘Without training, I’m nothing,’ he says.”

Ryan and Jeremy Black – Founders of Sambazon

Cristiano Ronaldo – Soccer Player

Sheamus – WWE Superstar

Paul Rodriguez – Pro Skater

Craig and Paul Pumphrey
– Human Wrecking Balls

Dennis Leary
– Actor
Leary is an avid street hockey player.  He also stays fit on the set of Rescue Me from filming all day in fire gear.

Jake Gyllenhaal
– Actor
Gyllenhaal buffed up for his upcoming role in Prince of Persia.  Check back for more on his workout routine.
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gwen stefani Celebrity Post Pregnancy Fitness and Weight Loss Tips fitness tips celebrity fitness celebrity diets Ever wonder how celebrities can get their amazing bodies back so soon after giving birth? Well… Women’s Health disclosed some tips and methods from some of the fittest celebs.

Gwen Stefani did high-intensity resistance-training workouts and ate super healthy with lots of fresh vegetables and lean meats, complex carbohydrates in moderation, and lots of water!

Christina Aguilera stuck to a three-to five-day a-week workout schedule that included cardio interval training (HIIT) combined with weight training to increase her metabolism. As for her diet, she swapped fruit juices for whole fruit, and cut out processed foods.

samantha harris 245x300 Celebrity Post Pregnancy Fitness and Weight Loss Tips fitness tips celebrity fitness celebrity diets

Samantha Harris of Dancing with the Stars eased back into her workout routine with yoga and light weight-training classes, which she restarted just two weeks after giving birth. “I think that the longer you wait, the harder it is to get back on the horse,” she explains.

The main part of Heroes star Elisabeth Rohm‘s workout was circuit training four days a week.

Ana Ortiz from Ugly Betty stayed energized with a dance cardio class and eating avocado, fish, handfuls of nuts, and coconut water.

Jessica Alba worked out six days a week using Ramona Braganza’s 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone—a 12-week program that includes 10-minute sets of cardio, circuit training, and core work.

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